Music is a Science
Music is Mathematical
Music is a Foregign Language
Music is History
Music Develops Insight and Demands Research
Music is all these things, but most of all, Music is Art


Born and raised in Barcelona, most of my current jobs and career aspirations are fueled by the commitment to pursuing a career in any field related to performing, arranging, composing, teaching practical and theoretical musical approaches, music publishing and engraving business and research/development tasks that support both theoretical and practical applications related to the analysis, description, synthesis, transformation and production of sound and music.

To summarize, my musical concerns go through performing, arranging and composing to Python computer programming for audio signal processing for music applications.

Referring now to social and intellectual pursuits, I always believed in the need of fighting for the acknowledgement of the cultural sector and betting on the value I believe music has as a science, foreign language, history and art itself. Extending the musical and music technology knowledge in any sense for sure will provide opportunities for further development and progression both from personal and professional perspectives and will help the music industry to assert itself in a world which is quite understated.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Music Performance by ESEM Taller de Músics and in 2013 I attended the Berklee Guitar Sessions at Berklee College of Music in Boston (Massachusetts, U.S.A). As part of my vocational training I have taken performing and arranging lessons and masterclasses by musicians and educators such as Tommy Emmanuel, Jon Finn, Tim Miller, Bruce Saunders, Pat Martino, Jacob Collier, Octavio Hernandez, Vicenç Solsona, Jordi Farrés, Jaume de Gispert, Néstor Jiménez, Santi Galán and Sergi Vergés to name a few.

However, as I know that music develops insight and demands research and I'm aware that it's a long path of life and my training just started.

As an educator, I've been a freelance guitar teacher and hired music teacher staff at Trémolo Escola de Música (Barcelona) since 2014.

As an arranger and guitar player/performer I am the co-founder, CEO and the conductor of SoFregit party band, as well as I played for various ensembles such as duets, trios, quartets, quintets, theatre performances and Big Bands. In addition, quite recently I discovered choral music and I'm singing as baritone/bass at Artgentum Vocal Ensemble with whom we've toured an sang in Spain, Poland, Iceland and Slovakia.

My latest and more challenging project has been an analytical and opinion study of the musical resources of the current new creational jazz music, its antecedents and the consequent application in the management/musical conduction as a leader, arranger and guitarist of a big modern band.